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Gallery 7

Ranna's Early work
selected examples from 1977-1984

A compelling pursuit of "the next breakthrough" in her work propelled artist RANNA'S early work through pure abstract art, figurative art, themes of death and transformation, mythological and feminist art.


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Copyright protected, Through the Doorway,  Ranna, mixed media on canvas, 156"x168", 1984. (October. Signed "Ranna".)

Copyright protected, Carriage Grave Burial,  Ranna, mixed media and canvas bed, on canvas, 103"x72", 1983/4.(Signed "Ranna".)
Through the Doorway, Ranna ®, mixed media on canvas, 156"x168", 1984. NOT FOR SALE
At 31 years of age, Ranna® was the first woman artist in the North Queensland area of Australia to explicitly explore feminine/feminist mythological themes in this monumental piece. (Contact us for examples of earlier feminist work)
Carriage Grave Burial, Ranna ®, mixed media and canvas bed, on canvas, 103"x72", 1983/4. NOT FOR SALE.
The artist was 30 years old when she commenced this monumental work.


Copyright protected, Laid Out in State,   Ranna, mixed media on camp bed, 72"x30" variable, 1983.(Signed "Ranna".) 


Copyright protected, Green Highlight in the Grand Manner,  Ranna, acrylic on canvas, 48"x36", 1980.(Signed "Ranna")


Copyright protected, Untitled Abstract,  Ranna, acrylic on canvas, 72"x72", 1977.(Signed "Ranna")

Laid Out in State, Ranna ®, mixed media on camp bed, 72"x30" variable, 1983.
The artist was 30 years old.

Green Highlight in the Grand Manner, Ranna ®, acrylic on canvas, 48"x36", 1980. The artist was 27 years old.
to private collector.
Untitled, Ranna ®, acrylic on canvas, 72"x72", 1977. The artist was 24 years old.
Destroyed in accidental circumstances.


Although the pieces featured in this gallery substantially pre-date Ranna's development of her shimmer method, they are testimony to the artist's commitment to serious artistic exploration from a young age. With a presence of mind unusual to young artists, Ranna held several of these pieces back from sale and still does. She also holds earlier, more formative and exploratory works back to 1972 (not illustrated on this site).


Ranna's work since 2000 is at

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catalog cover, Ranna , 2000, copyright

Catalogue, Washington D.C. 2000



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