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This review of RANNA'S® shimmer installation

discusses her use of Asian philosophies, light refractive & light intensifying media, Asian music, & meditative synaesthesia.

"Ranna's... final Townsville exhibition before she moves to the United States charts a fascinating journey through the artist's past 14 years." Read on...



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Walking into Light by Ranna-Lesley Lachlan is a collection of paintings, installation and sound works from the past 14 years charting journeys from transformations drawing upon a wide scope of cultural, technical, philosophical and sensory influences of the artist's experiences in Eastern and Western life.

In this selection of works, and over time, the artist has examined ideas of death-as-transformation, features of the female experience,, the balancing of yin and yang energies to the most recent lighter and ethereal Shimmer Works.

COPYRIGHT PROTECTED Image- review with photo, shimmer installation & survey show, 1998.

Review: Janet Gallagher;
Photos Lori Neilsen.

Travel and study in India and Asia have acted as a catalyst in the artist's practice and treatment of the ongoing theme and experience of change. A holistic approach is taken to the creation and presentation of works which allow the audience to experience rather than simply see with the eye.

This reflects the artist's creative process between gesture, voice, colour, sound, intensity and light. From the earlier sculptural paintings on jute of the 1985 Myth, Woman, Song series, the effect of pattern and directional marks create a rhythmic cycle which not only echo the fabric but also act as a sign of what was to evolve.

Later scroll works on paper and crystal organza feature gestural layering of brush marks influenced by Japanese ink painting with a combination of personal iconography and universal symbology.

The calligraphic styles and use of reflective and refractive media reveal energy paths from the artist's hand to depict movement into, through, and beyond states of being. These journeys pay homage to the fact that discovery of inner and outer selves and the universal experience is never ending, all change. This selection of works marks [one of] Ranna-Lesley Lachlan's final Townsville exhibitions before moving to the Unites Sates to continue her work.

Walking into Light features at the Perc Tucker Gallery until February 15.

(Janet Gallagher, Townsville Bulletin, Friday 23 January, 1998, Townsville, Australia, p.22.)

NOTE: This exhibition was just before Ranna® departed Townsville - singular among Townsville artists to take the plunge into the USA.

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catalog cover, Ranna , 2000, copyright

Catalogue, Washington D.C. 2000


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